Thursday, March 17, 2011

Two Accidents in Two Weeks at Two Proposed Billboard Locations

Billboards by nature are meant to grab the drivers attention, right?
Expert in Human Factors, Jerry Wachtel, in his testimony for Haverford Township stated, after evaluating the locations, that West Chester Pike is already a very challenging roadway with many curb cuts, Septa buses stopping and going, pedestrians, many other on premise signs..... In his opinion, Billboards were not appropriate at the proposed locations because of the existing challenges. Basically unnecessary additional distractions.
Case in point, 2 accidents in 2 weeks at 2 of those locations: Smile by Design across from Manoa Shopping Center and United Check Cashing next to Trinity Lutheran Church.

"Two Car Accident in Front of Manoa Shopping Center"
The driver and two passengers were sent to area hospitals.
Source & Article

"Woman Struck by a Car"
Woman was conscious Haverford Township Police say.
Source & Article

How many additional accidents are acceptable to you?

The next Haverford Hearing is planned for April 7th, 7pm - BE THERE, BE HEARD


  1. They should have done this to prevent the accident from happening. Thanks.
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  2. These are troubling signs. Two accidents in one week over a specific traffic spot? Something must be evaluated.
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