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What Can You Do?

Contact your Congressman and other Government Officials, in 5 easy minutes

Our easiest method yet!  CLICK HERE (www.scenic.org/pa_townships.html) and our partners at Scenic.org will gather your information, and automatically prepare and send a letter on your behalf to the appropriate Senator and Representatives (based on zip code).  All you have to do is provide your information and a letter will be delivered!  It really is that easy.  You also have the opportunity to customize, change or personalize the letter as you see fit prior to sending.  Please join us in making all of our Representatives and Senators aware of our will, NOT to have Billboards in our townships.  

If you'd rather not have a letter generated on your behalf, you can always start with what we have, edit as you see fit, and mail it out yourself, using the instructions below.

Use the pre-written letter below, sign, and send to your congressman or other government representatives.  You can make changes as you see fit using MS word or any other compatible word processing program (want a free suite of products compatible with Microsoft Office?  Try http://OpenOffice.org), scan a copy with your signature and email, use the good old US Mail, or hand deliver...just make sure they see how much you and all of our neighbors are against billboards in our towns.
Also below (under "Attachments") you can see Legislation that both Daylin Leach and William Adolph have submitted.

People you can contact and continue to voice your disapproval for billboards.

Daylin Leach - Senator

Sentators & Reps by Township:

Governor Corbett's Office:

Letter to the Editor:  Daily Times:

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  • Dear Congressman(All).doc - 33k View
  • Leach-Legislation.pdf -73k View
  • ONeill-Legislation1.pdf - 77k View
  • In-Store signage - PDF